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Welcome to Athonika organic cosmetics. Our passion is to bring you luxury organic products with proven salon quality results.

When you choose Athonika organic cosmetics, you can feel assured that each product has been meticulously researched and each ingredient carefully chosen and tested.  The results are proven beyond doubt. Each ingredient we use is selected to nourish the specific area it is targeting, ensuring you look as wonderful and healthy on the outside, as you feel on the inside.

Meet our No. 1 Product:

Age Defender Lip Balm

There’s nothing else like it. This is our world first product, the ‘Age defender’ lip balm, a nutrient dense treatment for your lips designed to help rebuild the collagen and elastin naturally, and reinvigorate your best glamour look. 

Our products are available both online and in professional salons. Wholesale enquiries are welcome. Contact us at admin@athonika.com or call us on
0477 016 266 to order your salon information pack.

Made from Organic and Sustainable Ingredients

Only the finest organic ingredients are blended in our unique formulas to provide exactly what your skin needs to remain healthy and full of vitality.

At Athonika we are driven to provide you with the best salon quality products for your needs – and the results speak for themselves.

Melinda Says

“I have been using the Athonika lip balm for a few months now and have noticed some really incredible changes. My lips feel naturally more moisturised and supple and I’ve had so many comment on how healthy and plump they look” 

Tilly Says

An amazing product the actually does what it says. But the most important part is that it really is truly organic and safe for my body, there are a lot of buzz words thrown around but very few companies truly care about quality ingredients. Athonika is 100% what is says it is.”

Amy Says

“Great product, extremely helpful and informative staff”

Trent Says

“Amazing Creator and incredible product” 

Tammy Says

“the Lip balm is ‘amazing’ it has been fantastic during these cold days, normally my lips would crack and bleed but this product leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. I have used other lip balms before and I wouldn’t waste my money on them now, you won’t regret!! Thank you Athonika”

Ruth Says

“Quality products by a beautifully caring creator Sheryl” 

Kate Says

“Friendly personality providing a great service. Love what you do Sheryl, happy with your products.”

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