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Entered into the Spring-Summer 2020 Organic Beauty Award is Athonika Organic Cosmetics

This salon professional range was created by Sheryl, an organic cosmetic formulator who is also a qualified beauty therapist.

Right from the first application, you can feel the difference each product makes to your skin. Not only do they hydrate & heal the skin instantly but they bestow a protective barrier over the skin that continues to nourish & protect it until the next cleanse. When I washed my skin in the morning & at night, I could still feel the product, a wonderful silky texture that had lasted 12 or more hours, amazing!  You can feel that it has absorbed into the skin because it still looked & felt so smooth & hydrated as it did immediately after applying it but I love that I can feel the aloe as it is reassuring to know my skin is protected form becoming dry. Each product boasts natural oils & fruit extracts that continue to provide a welcomed antiaging factor, I absolutely LOVE how the serum & cream feels on my skin, all three products that I tried are highly recommended for all skin types, they balance hydration & deliver an array of extracts to turn back the clock.

Organic Beauty Award SS20

“I hope you enjoy the reviews as much as I did. For me, reviewing a product comes down to two main functions, firstly its core ingredients & what a brand leaves out of a product is fundamental, I want to see herbal extracts & discover how each brand showcases them. Secondly, the aroma. The scent of a product should enhance the experience & even better, for natural & organic products the use of essential oils gives the user the added benefit of aromatherapy. The scent should neither be overwhelming or underwhelming!” – Amina Kitching, Editor at the Organic Beauty Award. 


Athonika Organic Skin Care Lip Balm

From the first application this Lip Balm proved a point, it improves the smoothness of dry chaffed lips within minutes. Mid-season heat or cold, the skin on your lips can suffer & it shows in the form of dry flakey skin or worse cracked lips. If you need more than an average lip balm then this is the one for you! Applied twice daily & as required, the biggest test for me was applying it at night & waking up with perfectly hydrated lips that normally dry & flake overnight, a common issue for many but not anymore!


Athonika Organic Skin Care Night Serum

I first tried Athonika’s Age Defender Night Serum after noticing my skin was dehydrated. I applied the serum to the face, neck & decolletage & thought wow I can’t wait to see how my skin looks & feels in the morning, I wasn’t disappointed! As I moistened my face under the shower I could feel the rich aloe vera had not only absorbed into my skin but had provided a much-loved barrier that works to lock in hydration, 12 hours later I couldn’t be more impressed. The quality ingredients are most definitely a key factor as to why this serum works so well, there is no need to apply another face cream afterward. It contains several of my favorite ingredients including aloe vera, camellia leaf extract & a more unusual ingredient namely plankton extract which is rich in essential fatty acids that provide long-lasting deep hydration thought to ‘train’ the skin to retain moisture.


Athonika Organic Skin Care Day Cream

Some products just make you love your wrinkles! This day cream smooths smile lines whilst keeping the skin oh so hydrated it’s pure joy to use. Aloe vera, almond oil & shea butter are key anti-aging ingredients that everyone can benefit from but as mentioned in the Night Serum, Athonika uses plankton extract which is an amazing anti-aging ingredient, think of it as therapy for your skin. This day cream hydrates the skin giving it a wonderful glow without the feeling of heavy creams that can leave a greasy texture, this day cream is more like a gel due to the high content of aloe vera leaf extract. It also contains Goji berry extract which has multiple benefits for the skin as an anti-inflammatory & for refining the skin, reducing pigmentation & generally boosting the anti-aging protection factor. I’d recommend this cream for all skin types young or mature it is a product I trust completely to safeguard my skin.

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