‘Clean, balanced skin is happy healthy skin, but stripped, unbalanced skin ages faster, is dry or full of oil and is angry’. 

I was told this by a skin care specialist very early on in my beauty therapy career. The truth of it is that she was absolutely right. Throughout my 18 years as a beauty therapist I’ve seen proof of this time and time again. 

Why should I cleanse & tone?

The purpose of a cleanser is to clean dirt from the skin, remove makeup, pollutants and other environmental factors. The mist/ toner is then used to re-establish the skin’s pH after cleansing to stop excess oil being produced and to protect the skin’s natural microbiome. 

When these two products are used correctly and in unison together, and suited to our skin type, they will clean and balance the skin leaving it fresh, soft and clean ready in preparation for the next product. Your skin should never feel over stimulated, hot or irritated after using these types of products. A slight warm or pinkness to the skin is ok but anything more is a sign that the product is over stimulating your skin.

What happens to our skin if we use the wrong products?

When we cleanse our skin with a cleanser that is too acidic, strips the skin, or has a chemical peeling ingredient in it, it removes and damages the skins natural microbiome and can cause an increase of sensitivity within it. Harsh chemicals and a depleted microbiome can increase the skins chances of infection.

When we use a mist or toner after that, when the skin is already under stress, it becomes irritated, red and hot, stimulating the oil glands and blood flow more than necessary causing excess oil and capillaries to expand and sometimes break causing them to be seen on the skin surface.

Why choose organic?

The Athonika skincare ranges are only formulated using the finest organic ingredients. They are gentle and caring, specifically formulated to help your skin keep its balance and glow from within. Get in touch – email or DM us through our socials if you need guidance on selecting the right range for you.