I was out shopping today, and 3 ladies who served me, all wearing mandatory masks, told me their skin had become dry, irritated, and infected with pimples. This was an unpleasant change from the healthy skin they were used to pre-masks. When they showed me the skin on their face, there was a very obvious difference between skin that was exposed, and skin that was covered by the mask.

We know how important it is to follow government guidelines and wear our masks, but this is presenting challenges for many of us trying to maintain the health of our skin.

What is happening to my skin when I wear a mask?

Skin covered by a mask is  constantly having hot humid air breathed onto it. This air contains carbon dioxide and is full of micro-bacteria, reducing the skin’s access to fresh oxygen and feeding skin with germs and bacteria. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply and cause damage.

How can I protect my skin from becoming irritated from masks? 

It is very important to cleanse your skin correctly every night. This means not just removing make-up and pollutants, but also ensuring we cleanse the skin itself correctly. To cleanse correctly, after removing makeup, apply 2 pumps of a gentle skin cleanser and gently massage into the skin. Pay particular attention to the area which the face mask covers. 

A great cleanser should not strip the skin, but rather nourish the skin and remove polluants accumulated throughout the day. When skin is already stressed, it does not need any more aggravation. Athonika’s Age Defender Gentle Cleanser is wonderful to use after make up has been removed. 

The next step is to use a pH balancer to reduce stress and level the skin’s natural microbiome –for example Athonika’s Age Defender mist. Next follow with a nutrient-filled cream – my favourite is Athonika’s Age Defender Night Serum, designed specifically to feed the skin with the right nutrients, providing support to naturally fight against increased problems caused by those pesky face masks.

It is possible to take back control! A little care and attention and the right organic products will take you back on the journey to healthy glowing skin. 

Reach out to me if you have any skincare questions, or need advice on the right products for you. Visit our website to view the full range of organic Athonika skincare www.athonika.com .


Master Organic Skincare Specialist