About Us

Crafted by Sheryl Gillies, our founder and creator, each Athonika product is carefully designed with only the finest organic ingredients. These ingredients are designed to feed and nourish your skin to help it remain healthy and full of vitality.

Hi, my name is Sheryl...

I am the founder and creator of Athonika Organic Cosmetics. I am a mum of four and a qualified beauty therapist. Through my time at my beauty salon I was inspired to create Athonika. I spent a lot of time searching for organic, salon quality products that gave the results I was looking for. Nothing came close to my expectations, so I had no choice at the time, but to settle for a brand I had used in the past. 

Don’t get me wrong – I loved the brand I was using, but the thought that there must be something better was always on my mind. Life takes unexpected turns, and a health scare forced me to change my lifestyle and really focus on my health – this was the moment I realised I had to bring my ideas to life, the time was now. I seized the moment, and studied with one of the best in the industry to become a qualified organic cosmetic formulator. 

This ignited my passion beyond even my own imagination, and led to the creation of my pride and joy – Athonika. It was with great satisfaction and delight that I brought to life my very first product the Age Defender lip balm. 

My mission in life is to create the best organic, luxurious and proven skincare, for you and your unique skin.

Welcome to the Athonika experience. 

Our Ethos

Athonika emerged from a desire to use genuinely organic salon quality products, that yield consistent result-driven effects. Each product is carefully designed and blended using only the finest organic ingredients, helping your skin to remain healthy and full of vitality.