About Us

Crafted by Sheryl Gillies, our founder and creator, each Athonika product is carefully designed with only the finest organic ingredients. These ingredients are designed to feed and nourish your skin to help it remain healthy and full of vitality.

Sheryl Gillies – The Remote Skincare Specialist

I’m Sheryl, The Remote Skincare Specialist and founder of Athonika Organic Skincare.  

 During my 18-year career as a beauty therapist, I could never find organic products that produced salon worthy results for my clients. This led to me taking the decision to re-train, giving me the opportunity to design and make those products myself. 


As a qualified organic cosmetic formulator, I now have complete control over all the ingredients in every product we produce. I know what works, and I understand skin – all types of skin.  I’ve produced skincare ranges specific to your skin concerns – whether that’s acne, aging skin, pigmented skin, dry or oily, I have the perfect organic products that will heal, nourish and reinvigorate your skin.

My commitment to you is a range of Australian skincare that is made with organic ingredients, proudly made in Toowoomba, Queensland, and always cruelty free with kindness to the environment in mind.

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Let your skin make you smile.

What's in a name?

Our name is a blend of two words, Ath~ meaning gift of god/universe and ~onika meaning first born and warrior. The fusion of the two creates the name Athonika.

We are often asked about the story behind our beautiful Athonika Goddess that takes pride on our product. Our Director, Sheryl Gillies explains:

When I created my skincare line, I was very focused on designing organic products that nourished the skin, helping it feel wonderful, and look amazing – with lasting results. I have spent many days, weeks, and months perfecting these products with enormous care – because I understand intrinsically that what we place on our skin is absorbed within the body and should not be taken lightly. 

There’s another side to the story though – and this is where Athonika truly emerged. Athonika is my inner goddess, and she represents the inner goddess we all possess. Healthy, glowing skin works by nourishing it from the outside in, but it’s important to remember there’s an enormous amount of power we all possess within, that we need to nourish and allow to shine through – the inner goddess we all possess – this is Athonika. 

To me, a person’s beauty is at soul level.  Beauty is a radiation of pure, deep love, and acceptance of themselves, and the world around them. It surrounds them without being ego-driven or self-absorbed.  It’s purely their inner Goddess glowing through. 

Athonika is of earth and spirit, something that we all need to protect and sustain. And so, we have the ethos of Athonika – designed to help you feel wonderful, with beautiful skin, allowing YOUR inner goddess to glow. Our values are deeply rooted in kindness and gratitude, and caring for our beautiful earth. 

It’s time to let your goddess shine. 

Our Ethos

Athonika emerged from a desire to use genuinely organic salon quality products, that yield consistent result-driven effects. Each product is carefully designed and blended using only the finest organic ingredients, helping your skin to remain healthy and full of vitality.