Exchanges and Returns

For purchases made other than via, please consult with the retailer where you purchased the product for their returns policy. We only accept returns of products purchased through

Athonika Organic Cosmetics will fully refund or replace any goods purchased if they are found to be faulty or damaged. Please note that Athonika Organic Cosmetics is not responsible for products that are damaged in transit

If you change your mind about the products you have ordered and decide you no longer wish to use them, your product(s) purchased can be returned to us for a refund or exchange under the following conditions:

  1. Products must be unopened and in the original condition
  2. Products must be sent back within 14 days from original receipt of goods
  3. Your proof of purchase / order information must also be included in the return.

Refunds will be processed in the same form that you originally paid for your order as soon as possible upon receipt of the returned products.

The total value of the refund will equal the payment made for the goods purchased, excluding freight and any other relevant fees, including Customs or Import fees, if any.

Please be sure to return your products to the correct address. Read below for the correct return address.

Online Orders

If you received your order placed via and wish to return it to us in accordance with the conditions listed above, please send it to:

Customer Returns

Athonika Organic Cosmetics
PO Box 381
Highfields QLD 4352 Australia

Online Order Queries & Changes

Athonika Organic Cosmetics will endeavour to dispatch your order as soon as we receive it. If you have any concerns regarding your order, please email and include your order number and concern, so we can assist you as promptly as possible.