Ingrown Hair Treatment

Crafted by Sheryl Gillies, our founder and creator, each Athonika product is carefully designed with only the finest organic ingredients. These ingredients are designed to feed and nourish your skin to help it remain healthy and full of vitality.

Ingrown Hair Treatment

Professional Recommendations

Athonika Bikini spot treatment is designed to help encourage ingrown hairs to rise to the surface for easy removal and quick healing. Get rid of those unwanted ingrown hairs gently and organically.

By drawing out the ingrown hair fast and helping to reduce the inflammation associated with that, healing starts quicker, leaving the chance of scaring reduced. 

Tests resulted in the hair being removed at 2-3 days once noticed and that 1-2 days after removal of the hair, the appearance of the area returned to normal.

Tests also concluded that participants also noticed a reduced level and occurrences of ingrown hairs.