The integrity of our products means everything to us. 


Athonika is a proudly Australian made and owned brand. The integrity of our products means everything to us. Our founder and director Sheryl is the driving force behind every detail of every product. Ingredient selection is an extremely careful process. We ensure all ingredients are organic, and sourced ethically – this means caring about the lives of people impacted by ingredients we use, and also those working in sourcing professions. We care deeply about the whole supply chain, and we want to give you confidence that our products are not only effective, but also made with love and care – and with responsible choices. 


Sheryl’s passion for environmental care and sustainability has been with her since childhood. Protecting our native flora and fauna using sustainable practices is of paramount importance to the Athonika brand. The long-term vision for the Athonika brand is to ultimately give back to the environment, and not only be a sustainable brand, but one that gives more to the world than it takes away. Stay tuned as we develop this vision. 

Cruelty Free...

At Athonika we believe in caring for animals in the same way we care for ourselves. This means our products are never tested on animals, only humans. Every product is carefully researched, organic ingredients are meticulously chosen and blended, and carefully balanced to achieve amazing results.